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Online Advertising

When they have a health concern, 80% of patients start with a search online.

But practices still spend the lion’s share on traditional media.

Invest your marketing dollars in a measurable and cost-effective tactic.

Whether you’re looking for impressions, website visits or new patient leads, you can drive more for less money through digital advertising. You’ll also have powerful geotargeting and audience targeting, so you can make sure your ads are truly getting in front of the right people. All combined with powerful reporting to prove the value of your investment.




Google and Bing Search Ads

Search engines are an essential way that patients research care decisions.

Search ads enable you to get in front of your patients right when they are looking for you. As a Google Premier Partner and a Bing Partner, Full Media has decades of combined experience managing and optimizing search ad campaigns.

Google Display, YouTube Video and Gmail Ads

Ensure that your brand stays top-of-mind in your community and target niche audiences.

Customize your messaging and deliver powerful branded content to niche audiences. We also offer remarketing across all Google Ads platforms, so you can re-engage active researchers.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media platforms are a powerful way to build affinity in your community.

Build brand awareness and affinity in your community by creating targeted campaigns that reach different demographics.

Waze Ads

Pay a fraction of the price for placement on a digital billboard on the world's largest community-based navigation app.

Let nearby drivers know that you offer services near where they work and live, and drive foot traffic into your clinic. Then take advantage of digital reporting tools to understand the value of your ad spend.


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View a Case Study
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