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Kelly Webber

Kelly Webber, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelly joined the Full Media team in 2011. She has worked with over 70 clients across a variety of industries including healthcare, home improvement, accounting, legal services, event services, professional services, and various others. With a special focus in Healthcare, Kelly has served healthcare clients of all types, including health systems, physicians’ groups, specialty clinics, urgent care practices, veterinary groups, healthcare collections, orthodontic practices and more. These clients range from small, local businesses to large, national corporations.

Kelly develops, implements, and manages successful digital marketing strategies for her clients, specifically in the SEO and PPC space. Helping clients improve their online presence and ultimately helping patients and customers find what her clients offer allows her to provide value and insight that changes her client’s business for the better. She specializes in content creation, on and off page optimization, creative strategies, paid ad management, reputation management, technical website elements, pre and post launch website management, data analysis, advanced reporting, and more. 

Kelly graduated from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership. Kelly lives in the Atlanta area with her amazing husband, Jason, and their adorable Labrador, Sophie. Outside of Full Media, Kelly is a fitness instructor at barre3 and has a passion for movement and mindfulness. She also enjoys traveling, music, being outdoors, painting, drawing, and time with friends and family. 

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